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AzUp v2.0.4

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AzUp v2.0.4

How to use AZUp v.2.x.x
Because there on several forums appeared quasi instructions for AZUp use and procedures for the insertion of E2 in AZBox
I prepared a short and precise instructions - exactly what you need to do to successfully flash Your box with E2 / Official Firmware.
btw , I must to mention , ignore wrong "tutorials" with wrong directions
as : you must use Format App :)))) realy funny because AZUp manage partitions of your AZUp ;)
Ignore quasi instructions and use this official instruction from the author of AZUp
New AZUp v.2.x.x is intended for use with E2 and new kernel, so if you want to use AZUp v.2.x.x - you must instal new kernel first !
New AZUp v.2.x.x is intended for use with new patch.e2 images/files and not supported old patch.bin
New Patch.e2 format allows extra info for content of file (E2 info/Kenel info)
New patch.e2 format allows partial update , etc, etc...
How to install E2/kernel (patch.e2 file) in AZBox:
AZBox is switched on , AZBox must be in rescue mod (you can put via menu in enigma 0 rescue mode, then press red button),
but if not , azup will do it , and after auto reboot , you must start procedure again.
When AZBox is in Rescue mode , select where you want to install patch.e2 ,
then press GO! button in 'Insta;; E2/Kernel block, and wait for finishing.
How to install Official FW on USB:
Put USB Stick (min 512MB) in AZBox and PowerOn
Extract archive : 'FW4USB'
start AZUp v.2.0
enter correct IP adress of AZBox
Press : 'Install Official FW - GO !'
Load : 'vmlinux' and 'patch.alt' from extracted archive
Wait for finishing
After reboot - Enjoy :)
How to make Backup and restore cfg files from Enigma2 :
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